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Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets
Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets
Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets

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Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets

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Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets



When you have a high compression engine and you have to get it sealed up, SCE Gaskets are the way to go! SCE Gaskets find their way into race cars and tow vehicles because of their high performance design. Boosted cars running higher pressures can benefit from the SCE Gasket line. They are made to hold the pressure of high boost engines. SCE Copper Gaskets made to withstand 7,000 horsepower drag cars. With that kind of performance record, there is a quality SCE gasket you can rely on for your street or race engine



To devise and manufacture dependable sealing solutions for extreme automotive racing applications; then translate those ideas into problem solving gasket products for the performance enthusiast.


Made in USA:

SCE proudly designs, manufactures and distributes SCE Gaskets from our facilities in Valencia, California and Spencer, Iowa