SCE Gaskets

SCE Gaskets makers of High quality gaskets from paper gaskets to steel core hi performance, rubber to viton, copper and everything in between. They havee the gaskets you need from the oil pan to the blower. They can supplie the gaskets you need weather you are restoring a 1910 model A or building a 10000 hp Nitro Motor. 

Hussey Performance

The Copper head gasket guys, the perfected the copper head gaskets in .001 increments. They can make you head gaskets from .035 to .125 in .001 thousands increments. Everything is done in house with the finest quality virgin copper to start, then every gasket is cut to the customer requiremnts on there in house waterjet, They also have inhouse annealing so they can make your gaskets dead soft to meduim soft.


Made in USA:

SCE proudly designs, manufactures and distributes SCE Gaskets from our facilities in Valencia, California and Spencer, Iowa

Hussey Perfomance is proudly making gaskets in the USA, in there shop just outside of Pittsburg, PA

Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets

SCE Gaskets 

From Pan to Blower they got you Covered

Fathead Cylinder Head Gaskets

Hussey Perfomance Gaskets 

The .001 Increment Copper Head Gasket Guys


Hussey and SCE Gaskets



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