Oil Pans

From Custom to Stock Replacements

Built With Quality
Moroso oil pans are manufactured from the finest steel and aluminum available. Each pan is jig welded and block fit to minimize warpage and insure proper fit and sealing. Before leaving our factory, each and every pan is leak tested for the ultimate in quality control. Superior engineering, choice materials, excellent manufacturing and painstaking quality control -- these are the ingredients that go into every Moroso oil pan.



Engineered As A Fully Compatible System

All Moroso oil pans and oiling components are engineered to be fully compatible with one another. This allows engine builders to select the best combination of equipment to suit their particular needs. It also eliminates the problems that often occur when using components from different manufacturers. Moroso offers a wide variety of oiling system accessories including oil pumps, pickups, windage trays and screens, crankshaft scrapers, tanks, breathers, fittings, filters, drive kits, oil pre-heaters, and accumulators. Each is designed, developed and tested to work together as an integrated system with our oil pans. And each is built with the quality that you’ve come to expect from Moroso.