16v Power Pack

16v Power Pack

SKU: FL163

The Feather-Lite Power Pack Battery was design in collaboration with the JFR and Moduline Racing to replace there current small batteries used to power there management boxes. The Feather-Lite Power Pack battery uses the same technology as all Feather-Lite battery products, offering the safest possible battery on the market. With a small compact size measuring in at only

6.125" Long

1.350" Wide

1.800" At the top of the wires

9ah Reserve Capacity

This battery comes off the charger at over 18.2 volts, the battery will settle to a nominal voltage of 16.7v and has been proven to not have voltage drop below 16.4 even under the demanding amperage load from all the systems on a complex fuel car.

With a discharge Current of 400 amps for 5 seconds and a constant discharge of 200 amps the FL163 is a great replacement for all the pro and sportsman teams a like looking to replace there old heavy electronic batteries or those unsafe remote control car batteries. With faster charge times and long life expectancy we feel these are a must have.

WE do not suggest using this battery for starting a vehicle. 

Call with any questions.