Clevite Upper Main Bearing Hemi (MB3248VU)

Clevite Upper Main Bearing Hemi (MB3248VU)

Clevite upper main bearings for Chrysler with 2.750 diameter crank

We also offer these bearings coated with our own coating. Which can be done to a base bearing or one of ours with some of our reworking to it. 

Call for best price and to discuss your options along with our decal program

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    2.750 Diameter Crank these are V material bearings, upper shells only sold in sleeves of 24. Available option from PRP is to have these bearings drilled with pre-oiling holes for extra oil to the mains. The extra oil hole is roughly 30 degrees before the main oil hole and helps protect bearings from premature wear. This extra oil hole lines up with the pre-oil hole added to the block from the original manufacturer in the latest race blocks. Please check your block for these extra holes before oiling or call our staff for more information.