Crower Maiximus .904 Chrysler Lifter (66284M-16)

Crower Maiximus .904 Chrysler Lifter (66284M-16)

Crower Maximus is there top of the line needle bearing Lifter.
Standard Chrysler is 1.900.
1.300 Seat hieght. +.120 seat height available also
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    Maximus Oversize Bearing Mechanical Roller Lifters These severe-duty roller lifters are designed for full race applications. They feature a special alloy body and some feature a larger o.d. bearing. This larger o.d. bearing has a thicker wall than the standard designs, in order to withstand today's high cylinder pressure and high-impact camshafts. .903" dia. .812" Bearing 1.300 Seat Height V8 Chrysler 426 Hemi BA Blade (Set of 16)

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