Feather-Lite 1690

Feather-Lite 1690

SKU: FL1690

Feather-Lite Series 16v battery. This is currently our Biggest cranking amp and amp hour race battery,  with a 90 amp hour Capacity and 2300 cranking amps


It is small in stature but not in power, measuring in at 7" long by 5" wide by 6" tall at the top of the post. This battery also weighs just over 8 lbs. 


It has more than enough Cranking amps to spin the biggest of motors with serious cranking compression and enough capacity to run EFI, several kits of nitrous, on-board computer, shocks, lights and more. 


Battery Specs

Nominal Voltage: 16.5

Max Charged Voltage: 18.4

Capacity Lead Acid Equivalent: 90 ah

Positive terminal Left side

Posts: M6

Weight 8.2 lbs

Length 7"

Width  5"

Height 6"