LSM Adjustable Pit Wrench w/ Dzus Tool (AN-12R)

LSM Adjustable Pit Wrench w/ Dzus Tool (AN-12R)

Ultra Light - only 6.6 oz and Ultra Strong

Patented design makes it more rigid than other wrenches which enables the jaws to stay more parallel and reduce deflction under higher loads

Proprietary worm gear design gives it more torque so you can get it tighter on the fitting and allows it to "lock down"

Dzus fastener tool makes it the perfect "Pit Wrench"

Made of 7075 Aluminum: The "tool steel" of aluminum - much stronger than 6061

The integrated belt loop hook allows you to carry it "on" you and have it ready at all times

The AN-12 is a tool you can wear and will be the most useful tool you will own

Actual size: 6.5" x 2.75" with a jaw opening of 1.25"

Comes in Anodized Red