M-2 DLC Tool Steel Wrist Pins 1.156  Diameter

M-2 DLC Tool Steel Wrist Pins 1.156 Diameter

M-2 Tool Steel Wrist Pin
1.156 Pin Diameter
Available in 3.400
Wall Thickness .330
Weight 322 Grams
  • Details

    H13 is a tool steel that Trend uses to good effect for the production of premium piston pins. It is probably the best all-round material for most applications, especially in power-adder engines; it is also a popular choice in Pro Stock drag racing engines. The H13 piston pin, which has a Rockwell hardness value around Rc54, has largely succeeded the alloy steel 9310 pin The 9310 material tempers (degree of hardness) at around 300 degrees while the H13 tempers in the neighborhood of 1000 degrees.

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