Manley NexTek Drag Sportsman (Man-221424-16)

Manley NexTek Drag Sportsman (Man-221424-16)


Manley Nextek Series Springs for BBC Sportsman and Bracket Racer motors.
Better valve train stability and component life.

 Max Lift .880

Spring Rate 647#

Sug. Installed height 2.000

Install Pressure #'s 250

Coil bind height 1.070

Spring Dia. 1.640

Inner spring I.D. .860

Spring #'s @ 2.000 250

Open #'s 800 @ 1.150

Weight 149 grams

 Suggested Retainers:

Man-23649-16 10 degree Std install

Man-23640-16 10 degree (+.100)

Man-23540-16 10 degree (+.100) Lightweight


  • Manley NexTek

    Manley NexTek (Next Generation) Valve Springs were developed over a decade ago and still offer unequaled performance. The NexTek springs were developed to satisfy the demands of top level engine builders who demanded the absolute highest quality valve springs. Manley Nextek springs can be found in drag race applications ranging from Bracket racers to Top Fuel, in oval track engines across the country on the street and strip.


    • Manufactured from ''super clean'' HiTensile Chrome Silicon steel
    • Shotpeened to MIL Specs for maximum fatigue life
    • Proprietary multistep heat treating minimizes load loss
    • Tightly controlled open end flatness reduces valve stem side loading
    • Tip thickness designed to eliminate overload breakage
    • Specially processed premium-grade chrome silicon that is virtually free of impurities or surface irregularities
    • These Manley NexTek valve springs are available in Polished and Super Finished versions to reduce friction, improve fatigue life and minimize load loss

    Super Finished is multi-step surface enhancement that significantly improves fatigue strength