PC 4.250 .017 Top Ring Fire-Power(301-0062)

PC 4.250 .017 Top Ring Fire-Power(301-0062)

Perfect Circle .017 Gas Nitrided Ductile Dykes 
Otherwise known as FirePower
Bore 4.250 File to Fit Bore 
Ring Style Dykes

Sold In set of 8 
Also Available in break up stock or larger quantity to fit your needs. Call or Email for Pricing
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    Mahle Original Fire-Power piston ring sets are engineered to withstand the punishment of today's high powered, Nitrous-Oxide injected, Turbocharged, and Supercharged race applications. PC479 compression rings will provide superior ring durability, stable radial tension, superior combustion sealing and oil control, while protecting the cylinder walls. All these benefits will net additional horsepower while extending engine life. Perfect Circle's Fire-Power rings can be purchased in boxed engine sets as well as open stock to meet your performance requirements.

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