Pro Nitrous System

Pro Nitrous System

This system is tailored for Nitrous applications and includes all sensors, cables, hardware and software to tune your total fuel system and clutch as well as provide detailed information about track conditions in order to allow you to adjust your tuneup accordingly. 

Since nitrous pressure and fuel pressure are critical for performance, as well as keeping your parts together, this system monitors carburetor fuel pressure and fuel pressure for the nitrous system in addition to N2O pressure. The EGT readings provide the information necessary to fine-tune your nozzle system so that you get the maximum power from each cylinder without engine damage. They also quickly identify N2O system malfunctions as well as ignition deficiencies. 

The Digital channels can be used to provide positive indication of stage and or solenoid function and timing.

The Accelerometer clearly identifies the instantaneous acceleration at every point in the run. This allows you to fine tune your combination to put the most power to the ground that track conditions will allow. 
  • Details

    Includes: RPM PRO Software DL10 Data Logger with 8 EGT expansion module 8 3/16” EGT probes with fittings 2 EGT connector boxes 2 Hall sensors 1 Pinion Collar, 4 magnet 1 trigger magnet (for Input shaft) 1 0-1000 PSI Sensor (N2O) 1 0-50 PSI Sensor (Carb Fuel) 1 0-50 PSI Sensor (Fuel) 1 Shock travel Sensor 1 0-5G Accelerometer 1 Digital Channels (3) cable Remote start cable and switch All sensor cables