Pro Stock/ Comp System

Pro Stock/ Comp System


PRO STOCK / COMP SYSTEM $2259.60 Complete with PRO Software

This system is designed specifically for the demanding, close competition of Pro Stock and Comp Eliminator. It includes fuel system and 8 EGT monitoring, engine, driveshaft and clutch RPM, crankcase vacuum, shock travel, oil pressure and accelerometer. Also identifies stall RPM and converter efficiency for automatic applications.

With the detailed data provided by the RPMs, G meter and shock travel, tuning clutch and chassis for the best 60 foot is greatly simplified. 

EGT data is beneficial for determining carburetor bleed jetting as well as intake manifold modifications and adjusting for changes in air density. 

Optimum shift points are readily identified by accelerometer readings across the shift. The shock travel sensor provides valuable information as to the results of shock setting changes and easily identifies when shocks are not performing correctly.
  • Details

    Includes: RPM PRO Software DL10 Data Logger with 8 EGT expansion module 8 3/16” EGT probes with fittings 2 EGT connector boxes 2 Hall sensors (omit 1 sensor for Auto) 1 Pinion Collar, 4 magnet 1 trigger magnet (for Input shaft) (omit for Auto) 1 0-30PSIA Vacuum Sensor 1 0-250 PSI Sensor (Oil) 1 0-50 PSI Sensor (Fuel) 1 0-5G (or 2.5 G) Accelerometer Remote start cable and switch All sensor cables