PRP-24v Lithium Smart Charger


Pickett Racing Products Smart Charger are specifically designed for the specific battery chemistry utlized in our Feather-Lite series batteries.  Designed to be simple to use with a 2 LED setup, when LED2 switches from RED to Green you are fully charged.

  • Chargers are warranted for 1 year
  • Come with corresponding SB175A plug for simple charging.
  • Chargers can be switched from 110v to 230v
  • Charger Instructions


    Lithium Phosphate Charger Owner’s Manual




    Thank you for your purchase of one of our charging units. Below are some features of your unit, followed by some simple to use instruction and precautions to take followed by the warranty information.


    Customer Service

    Most sales or service issues should be resolved directly from the dealer in whom you purchased from. If your problem isn’t resolved you are always welcome to call PRP or email us.


    Features of this Lithium Phosphate Charger

    • Universal Input 110/230VAC 50-60Hz
    • Isolated DC input from AC Output
    • Completely automatic battery charging system CC,CV system
    • Charger has forced air for cooling from internal fan
    • Short Circuit, over-temperature, over voltage, and reverse polarity protections
    • Efficiency>85%
    • 100% Full load burn in test
    • Complete Advanced high frequency switching power supply system
    • Easy to read 2 LEDs: LED 1 Red, LED2 Red/Green, indicates unit is charged


    How to Use your PRP Lithium Phosphate Charger

    • Make sure your unit is on the correct input voltage option(110 or 230VAC)
    • Plug unit into wall outlet LED 1 should be red, LED 2 will appear green.
    • Plug DC voltage end (SB 175A or SB50A Connector) into your battery pack. LED 2 should go from Green to Red. This indicates the battery is charging.
    • Wait for LED 2 to turn back to Green, Your battery pack is now charged ready to use.


    Warranty on PRP Lithium Phosphate Charger

    Pickett Racing Products Battery Chargers offers a 1 year warranty on your charger. This charger is designed to delivery years of trouble free performance.

    If you notice any changes in the performance of your charger or suspect a problem with your charger or battery pack, immediately stop using it and call your retailer or Pickett Racing Products. Continued use of a faulty charger or battery pack could result in excessive heat and/or fire.



    • Improper Use of charger may result in personal injury, fire or property damage
    • If you suspect any issue with your equipment. Disconnect + discontinue use immediately from AC power. Then disconnect from battery pack and contact your retailer. Never open the charger and attempt to access the circuit
    • Improper operation includes but not limited to listed below:
    • Precautions listed in this manual
    • Opening the chargers aluminum case to access the circuit board
    • Placing the charger near open flame, combustible or flammable materials
    • Connecting the Charger to the incorrect AC power supply
    • Selecting the improper AC voltage input
    • Using this charger with a battery other than that which the charger was designed for.

    Few Precautions

    • When the power is plugged in upon connecting to the battery you may hear the sound of a spark this is normal
    • Your charger is designed for Lithium Phosphate Batteries only
    • Do not disassembly charger to gain access to the inside of the charger
    • The chargers aluminum case is a heatsink. During use do not place anything on top of the unit. This will reduce the effectiveness of the heatsink.
    • Always use charger in a well-ventilated dry environment.
    • Do not charge any other type of battery with this charger, every type of battery uses a different charging alga rhythm. This charger is specific to Lithium based chemistry and is not interchangeable.



    Thank you again for your purchase of Pickett Racing Products feather-lite battery products. Please feel free to contact your retailer with any questions or concerns and you can always reach out to us directly.