PRP 36v Starter Pack

PRP 36v Starter Pack


Pickett Racing Products Ultra Lightweight Starter battery pack is the lightest battery starter pack on the market, made with the safest of the Lithium based cells.  Simply the most powerful, innovative starter pack on the market. The first one to intagrate a momentary switch and digital voltage guage so you always know the state of your stater pack.


These batteries are not a fire hazard nor a risk of exploding as some Lithium based technologies are.

Charger is not included

Here are some highlight able Features:

  • 600CCA/780Cranking Amps More than any competitor 
  • 20Ah The most in the Industry
  • Simple 1 plug Charging w/ PRP smart Charger
  • Standard non-keyed Black SB175A Plug ( this plug works with grey, blue,  red and yellow)
  • Built in Voltage meter allows you to know your batteries condition at the push of a button
  • Carbon Fiber case holds it all together
  • Non electrical transfer handle
  • Faster Recharge times as little as 5 minutes
  • Faster recovery time
  • Rubber feet on the bottom of the carbon box to pro long box life
  • Small size 9.5 *4.5*8.5
  • 3 year pro rated warranty on batteries
  • 1 year warranty on charger
  • 7 year life expectancy
  • Warranty Information

    Limited Warranty


    Express Limited Warranty

    J&J Motorsports (DBA) Pickett Racing Products warrants that this feather-lite series product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship in assembly, and under normal use and service, subject to the express terms, exclusions, conditions, remedies,  limitations and disclaimers set forth to follow below.


    Warranty Terms & Conditions

    For all Pickett Racing Products Feather-Lite Series batteries and Starter Packs, (PRP-2418, PRP-3627, PRP-4836, PRP-48V2, PRP-FL1640, PRP-FL1680) the limited warranty hereunder shall extend 3 years from date of product purchase with submitted warranty card filed. Should any workmanship defects or material defects be discovered in the first 6 months Pickett Racing Products will repair or replace the product free of charge (shipping fees not included). Should any covered defects in workmanship or materials be found in the remaining 30 months following the purchase date, Pickett Racing Products will apply a credit to your account towards a new battery based on a reducing monthly pro-rated basis. For instance on month number 7 a credit for 96.7% of the purchase price will be applied, on the 20th month a credit of 33.33% of the cost will be applied, and on the 36th month a credit of 3.33% of the purchase price will be applied. Only one replacement battery will be warrantied per purchase basis.



    This limited warranty expressed or implied shall not apply to damage to or failure of products that results from (I) accident (including but not limited to, damage during shipping and/or natural disasters) (II) other circumstances beyond Pickett Racing Products control (including but not limited to normal capacity loss and or increased resistance due to product aging) (III) any negligence other than by Pickett Racing Products (IV) any damage directly or indirectly caused by the products owner, installer or any other third party or products (including but not limited to, misuse, overcharging, over dis-charge, abuse, exceeding of the product’s limitations set forth in the products specification sheet or label, neglect, theft, freezing, damage due to modification, physical damages caused by accidents or crashes, alterations or connections that are poorly grounded, poorly-grounded battery chargers.) (V) Any negligence other than by Pickett Racing Products.

    This limited warranty shall also not apply to defects or non-conformities due to production or manufacturing process discovered after the limited warranty period has passed. This warranty does not extend to any damages caused by affixing any parts or equipment not purchased from Pickett Racing Products. No warranties either expressed or implied, are made with respect to equipment or products not produced or manufactured by Pickett Racing Products. Pickett Racing Products does not cover any shipping cost incurred during the warranty period for claims.



    In order for purchases to qualify for the limited warranty, all products must be registered with Pickett Racing Products through Provided warranty card within thirty (30) days of purchase. Any product not registered with Pickett Racing Products within this period shall not be eligible to ANY warranty coverage. Any warranty claim must be reported to Pickett Racing Products within fifteen days of discovery for this claim to be eligible under warranty coverage. All warranties must be reported to Pickett Racing Products and be accompanied with a RMA number upon return to Pickett Racing Products for the claim to be processed. RMA numbers and shipping information can be obtained along with further instructions by calling (978) 423-5881 or sending an email to subject line warranty. All warranty claims require a copy of the original receipt to accompany the faulty product upon return for inspection. All warranty claims must be returned prepaid to Pickett Racing Products, claims cannot be submitted to dealers, dealers cannot warranty products or asses claims. Pickett Racing Products will repair or replace at its sole discretion any eligible product that proves to Pickett Racing Products satisfaction, and at Pickett Racing Products discretion to have found defects in materials or craftsmanship. Pickett Racing Products will use its sole discretion to what is its functional equivalent or reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned parts and accessories. All warranties shall and will be terminated at the end of the applicable warranty period has expired.



    Pickett Racing Products makes no warranties or representations regarding our products other than those expressly stated in the terms of the limited liability warranty above. The foregoing limited warranties are exclusively an in lieu of all other express and/or implied warranties whatsoever. Pickett Racing Products shall not be liable whether in contract or tort (including strict liability or negligence), for damages in excess of the purchase price or for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind, any loss of revenue, profits, any financial loss, business, data, information, arising out of or in connection with the use or inability to use our product. Pickett Racing Products specifically disclaims any type of implied warranties of this products merchantability or fitness for particular purpose.