RPM DL28 Data Logger

RPM DL28 Data Logger

28 Channel Data Logger Configured for 8 EGTs or 8 O2 

A must have for top level teams wanting to be able to get all the needed data like, fuel flow, track temp, oil pressure, and input shaft speed just to name a few available options.

Dimensions: 2 Modules, 5” x 4” x 1” each
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    3 RPM CHANNELS, Engine, Clutch, Driveline or Wheel Speed 1 ACCELEROMETER CHANNEL, Forward G Meter 12 ANALOG CHANNELS, Pressures, temps, position, Lateral G Meter, etc. 8 EGT CHANNELS, Exhaust Gas temps, 0 – 2400 DegF 3 DIGITAL CHANNELS, WOT, N2O Stages, etc. 1 BATTERY VOLTAGE CHANNEL (Internal)

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