Teflon lined Injector Lines Kits

Teflon lined Injector Lines Kits

Starter Kit for either Injector replacement or Manifold. 
Replaces those standard rubber lines that are prone to de-lamination dry rotting. If you have raced long enough you have probably had a rubber line come apart and clog a nozzle or worse separate and balloon inside sending you chasing a ghost for a few runs. Then there is lines that kink, all problems that are solved by changing to Teflon PTFE lines with stainless outer weave, then coated in either clear or black.
There are hose end options also straights or high flow 90s.
There is no flow restriction in the 90 degree fittings do to the long radius. 
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    The kit includes 8 lines with straight ends on both sides. Lines in the kit are your option in length up to 40 inches. 90 degree fittings are available on 1 or both ends. 90 Degree fittings are 24.99 each additional.

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