Turbo Car System

Turbo Car System

This system includes all sensors, cables, hardware and software for fully evaluating turbocharged applications. Sensors are provided to monitor fuel and induction systems, and can provide valuable information about turbo efficiency to help you find the sweet spot. By knowing the boost pressure, exhaust pressure and intake temp, the effectiveness of tuning changes is quickly and correctly identified.

EGT readings clearly identify fuel system deficiencies and allow for effective fuel map and fuel distribution adjustments.

Accelerometer reading are especially valuable at launch, and major improvement in 60 foot times can be had by applying the appropriate corrections indicated by tire spin and G meter readings in 10.5 and street tire applications.

This system greatly simplifies tuning on an EFI turbo application.
  • Details

    Includes: RPM PRO Software DL10 Data Logger with 8 EGT expansion module 8 3/16” EGT probes with fittings 2 EGT connector boxes 1 Hall sensor 1 Pinion Collar, 4 magnet 1 0-100 PSI Sensor (Boost) 1 0-250 PSI Sensor (Oil) 1 0-250 PSI Sensor (Fuel) 1 0-300 DegF Sensor (Intake temp) 1 0-5G Accelerometer Remote start cable and switch All sensor cables